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NFL Analyst Shades Potential No. 1 Pick Caleb Williams

Former Chicago Bears running back turned ESPN analyst, Merill Hoge, didn’t hold back in his assessment of USC quarterback Caleb Williams ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Hoge firmly believes that Williams won’t live up to the immense hype surrounding him and suggests that the Bears should maintain their faith in Justin Fields.

“I’ve only watched Caleb Williams three games last year, three games this year. So I’m only halfway done. The one thing that is clear – he is not special. He is not something unique like a Patrick Mahomes, and I hope the Bears don’t think, ‘Well, let’s try to make up for our mistake when we passed up Patrick Mahomes and go get the Patrick Mahomes.’ The kid is not Patrick Mahomes. He ain’t even remotely close to that.”

Despite Williams clinching the Heisman Trophy last season, USC’s failure to secure a spot in the College Football Playoff during his tenure didn’t escape notice. Nevertheless, Williams showcased exceptional talent, ranking among the top quarterbacks in college football.

While many fans and pundits anticipate Williams to be the top pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, Hoge views him as a fleeting sensation, advocating for the Bears to steer clear of drafting Williams.

The future will be interesting to watch for Caleb Williams. He is receiving a ton of criticism and hate already and he hasn’t even been drafted. It will be intriguing to see if the can rise above the critics and become an NFL superstar.

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