Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Makes More Comments About NFL Future

Aaron Rodgers, Packers
NFL Analysis Network

The future of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been a topic of discussion for the last two offseasons. In 2021, it sounded like he would move on from the team one way or another, whether it was via trade or just retiring from the NFL.

It was more of the same this offseason, but the two sides were able to put aside their differences and work out an extension that will likely keep Rodgers in Green Bay for the remainder of his career. The extension was a four-year, deal worth $200 million that included $153 million guaranteed.

While that extension answered some questions for the team, there are still plenty of questions that remain. What will now happen with Jordan Love, the team’s first-round pick from the 2020 NFL Draft? He doesn’t have a path to seeing the field with the Packers as long as Rodgers is on the roster.

How long exactly will Rodgers be on the roster? Coming off consecutive MVP award seasons, it would seem that he has plenty left in the tank to offer. Alas, the extension that he signed doesn’t guarantee that he will be playing at the end of it, let alone next season.

There are a lot of factors that will go into Rodgers’ decision about how long he wants to play. He was recently asked about it and if the emergence of young players has an impact on the decision. Team personnel is something that will play a part in addition to how he feels physically and mentally.

“Seeing the development of those guys can’t help but be a part of the decision.”

The two players mentioned specifically were rookie wide receivers Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs. Watson is working hard at gaining Rodgers’ trust after he dropped a would-be 75-yard touchdown on the opening drive of the season in Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings that set the tone for that entire game.

Doubs has found himself as a bigger part of the offense despite being picked two rounds after Watson. He currently leads the team with 19 receptions for 184 yards. The Nevada product has become a bigger part of the offense as the season has moved along, receiving eight targets in each of the last two seasons after receiving only eight total in the first two weeks of the season.

Both have immense potential and if they can live up to it, the Packers’ offense will be in a great place with Aaron Rodgers leading it. Having the chance to compete for more Super Bowls could be enough to convince Rodgers to continue playing for multiple more seasons.