Green Bay Packers: 3 Burning Questions Heading Into the Preseason

We, as football fans, are finally at a point where we will have football every week until February. At times, it seemed as though it would never arrive. NFL teams spend this time to better themselves to hopefully make runs at championships in the ensuing season. The football world endures free agency, the draft, mini-camps, and other events as teams attempt to address their question marks from the year prior. Some teams undergo complete overhauls, initiating an organizational rebuild. Some teams just make simple adjustments or additions. And some teams find themselves somewhere in between.

The Green Bay Packers are one of those teams that find themselves in that “in between” category. After adding several talented pieces, initiating a carousel of coaching changes, and some philosophical reviews, the Packers once again find themselves in preseason Super Bowl discussions.

However, perfection is perhaps one of the most elusive concepts around. Even the definition of perfection can be obscure at times. Every NFL team has weaknesses. The key to a successful NFL preseason is entering the first game knowing your gameplan to identify, evaluate, and attempt to rectify any deficiencies in your squad.

NFL teams are always seeking to improve. Every single day, every single practice, every single game. Teams are always looking for ways to get better. To do anything less is irresponsible.

Moving forward to the Packers specifically. They are not special. They too have deficiencies and questions. When the team takes the field later this week, they hope the answers present themselves. On the following pages are three questions that fans should be seeking an answer for throughout the course of Green Bay’s preseason.

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