Saints, Steelers Huge Draft Plans May Have Been Revealed

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The 2022 NFL Draft has already seen one major shakeup and we are still just about two weeks away from things kicking off. The Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints made a deal that involved four first-round picks, as the Saints picked up one more in this year’s draft, but surrendered some serious future draft capital to do so, sending Philadelphia a future first and second. While the Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t made a big move yet, they are a team to watch.

People have been trying to pinpoint what the Saints’ plan could be after that move. Many are speculating that it was done to nab one of the quarterback prospects in this year’s draft class. Despite re-signing Jameis Winston, quarterback remains a long-term need in New Orleans.

Given their salary cap situation, they could just be looking for affordable, high-end talent to fill the roster out with. Draft picks are the most economical way to build a roster as any player that performs at a high level will almost always provide value compared to their contract number.

uStadium recently revealed what the Saints may actually have in mind. According to them, via JPA Football, New Orleans is looking to make a move up the draft board and some groundwork has already been laid. The Steelers are another team that was mentioned as doing the same.

Anyone looking to move up usually has their eyes set on a quarterback prospect. That would seem to be the case here, as the Steelers are also in the market for a new franchise quarterback after Ben Roethlisberger retired this offseason.

The entire Steelers organization is reportedly infatuated with Liberty quarterback, Malik Willis. They are on the lookout for a more athletic option at the quarterback position and Willis would fit the bill. Seemingly breaking away as the No. 1 option in this year’s draft class, Pittsburgh would likely have to trade up into the top-10 all the way from No. 20 to have the chance to nab Willis.

Right now, the Steelers have Mitchell Trubisky penciled in as the starter, but he doesn’t offer the upside like someone such as Willis, Kenny Pickett, Desmond Ridder or Matt Corral. His presence on the roster shouldn’t deter Pittsburgh from making a deal to move up and select a quarterback should the opportunity arise.