Skip Bayless Gives Critical Take On Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Class

Skip Bayless, Dallas Cowboys
NFL Analysis Network

The Dallas Cowboys had until the NFL Draft to meet the expectations of their eager fans, and while their initial picks did reinforce their struggling offensive line, the team fell short of securing the standout talent promised by owner Jerry Jones.

Amidst mounting frustration, vocal critics like Skip Bayless, a fervent Cowboys supporter and host of “Undisputed,” took to social media to express disappointment in Jones’ inability to engineer a draft class capable of transforming the team into serious contenders.

He did not hold back on his critical take about the Cowboys’ 2024 draft class.

“Unfortunately, Jerry Jones is not orchestrating the kind of instant-impact draft haul needed to turn the Cowboys back into a playoff team.”

Jones’ recent decisions have only intensified fan dissatisfaction.

Despite a humiliating playoff defeat, he controversially opted to retain head coach Mike McCarthy, a move contradicting his earlier ultimatum of potential dismissal for underperformance. Moreover, despite claims of prioritizing immediate success over long-term planning, Jones permitted key players to depart without securing contract extensions or executing significant trades.

With the absence of blockbuster acquisitions and the uncertain future of notable players like Ezekiel Elliott, skepticism surrounding Jones’ leadership grows.

While some rookies may offer immediate contributions, doubts persist regarding the team’s ability to dominate the NFC, let alone their division, in the foreseeable future.

The Dallas Cowboys are in a rough position following their offseason so far, but there is still time for them to make an impact move or two in free agency.

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