The pros and cons of the Seahawks re-signing Jadeveon Clowney

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Finding a defensive end with as much versatility as Clowney is a nearly impossible task. With a late first-round pick, finding an adequate replacement through the draft feels unlikely, and aside from Clowney himself, there isn’t another pending free agent who can do what he does on a football field.

Another year in Carrol’s system would also benefit Clowney greatly, as he was forced to learn on the fly last season. Now, he’ll have an entire offseason to focus on getting better within the Seahawks defensive scheme, rather than constantly worrying about whether he’ll get traded or not like he had to do last year.

He has the ability to wreck a game plan when he’s playing at full strength. Bringing Clowney back and allowing him to grow within the Seahawks system would benefit both sides.