This Packers-Giants trade could net Green Bay tight end Evan Engram

Evan Engram, Giants, Packers
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The Green Bay Packers and New York Giants are both preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft on Thursday night and they are both still looking to make moves to tweak their rosters. While free agency may be mostly completed, the trade market is just about to heat up with draft picks very much in play.

Speaking of the trade market, the Giants have an intriguing player that could be available. Evan Engram, a young and talented tight end, is a name to keep an eye on.

Engram is just 25 years old, but has struggled with healthy issues over the last couple of years. Last season, he played in just eight games, catching 44 passes for 467 yards and three touchdowns for the Giants.

With the Packers needing some help at the tight end position, these two teams could make sense as a potential trade partner for each other.

What would it take for the Packers and Giants to come to an agreement on a trade for the talented tight end? There is a quite simple solution that would require a one-for-one trade from both sides.

The Trade That Would Acquire Evan Engram For The Packers

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the very simple trade that would bring in a big upgrade at tight end for Green Bay. If the Giants are actually open to trading Engram like the rumors have suggested, a swap of Engram for the No. 62 overall pick would make perfect sense for both sides.

Brian Gutekunst has been very open to making aggressive moves with his draft picks. Trading a second-round pick for a talent like Engram would make sense. For the Giants, they would be adding another pick to add a young player to their rebuilding phase.

New York may be asking for more in an Engram trade. However, they aren’t likely to get it. Due to his health issues, the Packers’ second-round pick would be a very fair compensation for him.

Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers showed flashes of having a lethal offense in 2019. Unfortunately, Jimmy Graham wasn’t consistent and the Packers needed more wide receiver talent. Engram may be a tight end, but at 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds with great speed and athleticism, he could become a top target for the superstar quarterback.

It will be interesting to see how active the trade talks are with the NFL Draft going completely virtual. Engram would be a perfect addition for the Packers and the Giants may be open to moving on from him. This trade would make sense for all parties involved.

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