Why Randall Cobb would be a perfect target for the New York Giants

Randall Cobb, Seahawks
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are heading into the NFL offseason with a major need to bring in more weapons for quarterback Daniel Jones. It became apparent that they did not have enough firepower on the offensive side of the football. Should they choose to look at free agency to add a wide receiver, Randall Cobb would be an ideal target.

Jones showed tremendous potential this season in his rookie year with the Giants. However, he had a turnover problem that needs to be fixed.

Part of fixing those issues will be finding more weapons for him to target. Another part of the fix will be adding talent to the offensive line to help keep Jones upright.

Cobb caught 55 passes for 828 yards and three touchdowns in 2019 with the Dallas Cowboys. It was a solid season, but he may be looking for a bigger role. New York could definitely offer him that.

All of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at why Cobb would be a perfect target for the Giants.


  1. The Giants have 2 Slot WRs in Tate & Shepard, yeah let’s add another Slot in Cobb… SMH. The Giants need a WR1 with decent size & athleticism who Play outside the hash marks. Goofy article!

  2. This is by far one of the most idiotic things I’ve read. What are you gonna do with Tate/Shep both are slot receivers not built for the outside. Also why would you waste cap on a wr when we already have 3 solid wr did you forget about slayton??? Also this is one of the deepest receiving cores coming out in the draft.

  3. Agreed horrible article….Tate and Sheppard are best in the slot and he wants another guy in the slot??? Also he mentions Russel Sheppard when he probably meant to bring up Darius Slayton….poor job Evan

  4. Dear author of this article

    Since you have shown you know NOTHING about the NYGiants current personnel nor our team or needs perhaps you should explain quantum physics next tas I ventur to guess you know as much about this as you do the GMen

  5. Hello? Darius Slayton is on the team too. He will be split out wide, with Tate and Shep able to alternate in the slot. Money can be better spent on players other than Cobb.

  6. Dude, an offense that will be composed of ”Air Coryell” principles aka a scheme that looks to stretch the field vertically to then obtain yet another horizontal threat in Randall Cobb to go along with Sterling Shepard and Golden Tate who are virtually the same type of player? Makes 0 sense my man. And Russell Shepard is a special teamer that had 3 receptions all year. No mention of Darius Slayton either, only one of the biggest breakout rookies. Giants need vertical threats to go along with Evan Engram. You can do better than this man. Do your research.

  7. I think that whoever wrote this may have forgot about Darius Slayton. If Cobb joins then you most likely bench slayton and that’ll just hinder his development, unless Cobb is willing to be depth and sign a cheaper contract which I doubt

  8. Absolutely correct. Tate is a veteran slot receiver and the writer didn’t even mention Slayton.

  9. Dumbest article I’ve read in a while. Shepherd, Tate,and Slayton are the top 3.No need for another slot receiver and Slayton is your field stretcher.

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