Dallas Cowboys: 5 Reasons Why America’s Team Is a True Contender

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America’s Team carried a mantra that resonated with millions of Americans across the country, becoming synonymous with success. During the 20-year span where the beloved Dallas Cowboys dominated, four Lombardi trophies came home to Dallas. Stars like Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin were the faces of football. The Cowboys built a nucleus of stars that went nearly unmatched by any team in football.

Fortunately for the rest of the league, 1998 was the final year of Dallas’ illustrious run. The roster they compiled was not sustainable and the franchise felt the aftereffects. What was once America’s Team has failed to make the Super Bowl for a stretch lasting more two decades. Over the course of that drought, Dallas has seen stars such as Tony Romo and Jason Witten, but neither brought a trophy home.

In recent years, the Cowboys, led by Jerry and Stephen Jones, have begun to assemble a new team of young stars. Elite draft classes and sacrificing the media hype of a skill position in the first round has granted Dallas with a window many are envious of. A balanced roster filled with young talent and grizzled veterans has put the Cowboys back on the map.

The upside for the Cowboys team is certainly apparent, and it is enough to outweigh many negatives heading into the year. The only thing standing in their way seems to be the reigning super bowl champions. Now, dethroning them is no small task, but Dallas has one of the best bets to do so. Here are five reasons why America’s Team is a true contender.

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  1. The only aspect of this article that doesn’t jive with me is the placement of the secondary. Jones IS a starter at corner. Put that to bed, he’s cemented his place at that position. Brown and Lewis will battle it out for the slot and Woods and Heath are the safeties. I would also add that Dorance Armstrong will have a significant role in the pash rush as well. That kid looks like a gem!!

  2. I hope you are right about being a real contender. Of course if not any key injuries especially. I’m still concerned about the defense especially no pass rush or make the QB uncomfortable, we will struggle. Also on offense, still need a great WR and/or TE that knows how to get open on any defense quickly.

  3. OK, I hope you are right. But the championships and Super Bowl drought included the Jerry Jones change in ownership and after the removal of the last championship coach (Jimmy Johnson). Since then, every year over year it is supposed to be da’ Boyz year? We’ll see… Their first pre-season last minute loss and debacle sure looked like the same ol Jerry Jone”s Cowboys to me.

  4. I wish all the Jerry Jones haters would just find another team to root for honestly. What has Jimmy Johnson done since he left the Cowboys? If he was such a great coach why havent we seen it anywhere else? Bill Parcells was a great coach. He would be the first to tell you how great an owner Jerry is and how much he would give to see them win every year. On top of that Jerry has been instramental in making the league better since he became owner of the Cowboys. He was the one who renegotiated the tv network contracts that brought millions more to each team. Hes the only one brave enough to stand up to Goodell and question the leadership of the league office which every team should have done. Hes the only one to take the right stand against protesting on the field and taking having it take away from the game while also joining with the whole team in a mutual respect for the protest first. The only owner who openly talked with the whole team first and while others let players make it a mockery for news mongers. Add that to his love for his players even if they fuck up shown by the many that hes spoke for at the hall of fame inductions. Lastly his last five drafts without a doubt the best the league has ever seen but he doesnt know how to draft right? Go root for the Browns or Lions or the Packers even. This is his damn team if you dont like him then root for someone elses team. We wont miss you

  5. Want to see a Cowboys Superbowl appearance guarenteed? Give the next years 1st round to the Raiders plus whatever else for Khalil Mack, and get Earl Thomas!!!!

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