Fantasy Football: Top 5 Players to Avoid in the Draft


1. Russell Wilson (QB, Seattle Seahawks)

It’s tough to put Russell Wilson on this list, but it’s hard for me not to. Wilson is one of the best QBs in the NFL, but he can only do so much with a roster lacking talent. Just last year, Wilson led all QB’s in fantasy scoring. Now, I know people are going to say I’m crazy or delusional to have Wilson as someone to avoid, but hear me out.

Wilson is going to be running for his life all season for the Seahawks. Seattle has one of the worst offensive lines and didn’t do much to improve it this offseason. You add on the fact they lack a running game and they lost Jimmy Graham in free agency. Plus, the defense lost many key contributors. That doesn’t bode well for Wilson.

Of course, Seattle could be behind in many of their games, thus allowing Wilson to throw more. There’s also the chance Wilson could struggle in those circumstances, having never been in this situation of not being a team who has a good chance of winning every week. Unfortunately, there’s a chance he gets injured this season as well.

In fantasy drafts so far, he is being drafted as the fifth QB. He could see himself in the top five, but I see him on the border of top 10. That’s not what you’re drafting a guy like Wilson to be though. In the last five years, he’s been sacked 41 or more times. That likely continues this year. Hits on a QB can take its toll on him and Wilson might be tough, but there’s only so much you can take before it’s too much. Hopefully he can avoid injury this year.