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Former Eagles Star Speaks Out On ‘Cursed’ Cowboys

After three consecutive 12-5 seasons followed by three early playoff eliminations, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a state of frustration. One former NFL and Philadelphia Eagles star believes that there might be a supernatural explanation for their woes.

During an appearance on Up & Adams, DeSean Jackson, a former Pro Bowl wide receiver, boldly asserted that a curse looms over the Cowboys. He pointed out that the Cowboys’ inexplicable playoff misfortunes trace back to the days of Tony Romo, suggesting that the problem runs deeper than their current struggles.

“The Cowboys have a curse! The new era Cowboys are not the 90s Cowboys anymore. They have a curse and something needs a dramatic change. I don’t even think it’s just Dak (Prescott).”

The widely held belief has been that the origin of this “curse” lies in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ delay in inducting two-time Super Bowl champion Jimmy Johnson into the team’s Ring of Honor, a move that only happened in 2023.

Regrettably, instead of breaking the curse, the 2023 Cowboys responded by surrendering a franchise-record 48 points in their playoff loss to the Packers.

If one were to attribute the Cowboys’ postseason woes to supernatural forces, it would indeed present a perplexing challenge, as there is no conventional method to address such otherworldly issues.

The question remains: Do you believe in the Cowboys’ curse?

Hopefully, the 2024 Dallas team will have better luck than the recent teams have had. Mike McCarthy should hope so, as he is definitely coaching for his job next season. In the meantime, the Eagles also have some major work to do.

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