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Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Reveals How Defense Can Beat Chiefs

With a big matchup coming in Germany between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs, Tyreek Hill offered some advice to his defense.

One of the most-anticipated games of Week 9 in the NFL is the matchup between the Chiefs and the Dolphins. Both of these teams are two of the best in the AFC, and while the game will be at a neutral site, both teams will be looking to prove they are the best in the AFC.

This game could very well play a large part in deciding who wins the AFC and gets home field in the playoffs, and the Dolphins will be tested once again.

So far this season, the Dolphins have been arguably the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL. Their high-powered offense has put up some remarkable stats already this season, but they have come up short against two of their better opponents in the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. If the Dolphins lost to the Chiefs, the narrative would certainly be that they can’t compete with the elite teams in the league.

For the Dolphins, one of the main concerns has been the defense. In Week 9, they will be tested by a tough offense that Tyreek Hill used to be a part of. Recently, he advised his defense on how to slow down the Chiefs’ offense.

Hill’s advice to the defense is certainly good but is easier said than done. Kelce has been excellent as always this season, as he has totaled 54 receptions, 583 receiving yards, and four receiving touchdowns.

Slowing down Kelce is not something a lot of teams have been able to figure out, but when you can, you can beat the Chiefs. As a former member of the offense, Hill might know a trick or two he can share with his defense. However, Kelce will be ready for a bounce-back game after a tough loss to the Broncos.  

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