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Najee Harris Gets Brutally Honest On Steelers’ Locker Room Issues

The Pittsburgh Steelers bowed out of the playoffs early with their Wild Card Round loss to the Buffalo Bills on Monday, and afterward, running back Najee Harris explained that he was not too pleased with his team’s locker room dynamic throughout the season.

While Harris was careful to qualify his statement by saying that Mike Tomlin was “great” and that he wanted Tomlin back as head coach in 2024, he did say that some things need to change.

“It’s just the rules that are in the building,” Harris said, via Brooke Pryor of ESPN. “We’ve got to be more disciplined. We’ve got to be more committed. I’m not saying that we’re not, but just coming from a place that has structure and just seeing we probably could get help in these areas. It might make a change. I think that that’s something we could help. I’m not saying nothing about coaches or anything like that. I’m just saying more of just in-house rules. I’m just a player, but the guys in that building know what I’m talking about.”

It’s a rather confusing statement from Harris, as rules are typically set by the coaching staff. Unless he is referring to the front office?

While it’s no secret that the Steelers endured some locker room issues during the season, things appeared to come together down the stretch as Pittsburgh won three games in a row to make the playoffs.

However, it’s clear that Harris thinks the problems affected the team’s performance.

The 25-year-old rushed for 1,035 yards and eight touchdowns while averaging 4.1 yards per carry this year. He added 29 catches for 170 yards.

In the loss to the Bills, Najee Harris carried the ball 12 times for just 31 yards.

The Steelers went 10-7 this season and have not posted a losing campaign since 2003.

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