NFL: How will each running back in the AFC West fare in 2020?

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The AFC West had it all in 2019 and in the offseason. Young quarterbacks emerged, massive contracts were signed, and a team even went through a change in location. Not to mention the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, and Los Angeles Chargers are playing catchup.

The Raiders will play their first season in Las Vegas in 2020. The Los Angeles Chargers drafted Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in the draft while the Denver Broncos are hoping Drew Lock is their next franchise quarterback.

While the situations are all question marks, Patrick Mahomes cashed in on a monstrous 10-year contract worth up to $503 million.

Behind the quarterbacks are the running backs. And there is no shortage of talent at that position in the AFC West. There will be some new faces, some familiar faces, and one well known face in a new place.

With all of that being said, let’s take a look at the running back groups in the AFC West in 2020.


  1. No question about it, Gruden is so unhappy with Derek Carr he hasn’t drafted a single QB in the past three drafts. With multiple first-rounders the past two drafts, MM and Gru could’ve made a wide variety of moves to pick almost anyone they wanted.. This narrative is entirely media-driven. You’re just too stupid/arrogant to figure out Mayock and Gruden are playing you like a fiddle. One can only hope that when you finally figure that out you’ll have the decency and character to admit it.

  2. The Chargers may be the 1st team in history to have a leading rusher in negative figures…

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