These Numbers Show How Dominant Bears’ Jaylon Johnson Has Been

Jaylon Johnson, Chicago Bears, NFL News
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The Chicago Bears are 1-1 as they enter their Week 3 matchup with the Houston Texans, but there hasn’t been too much to get excited about. The team’s passing offense has been anemic as there are some NFL teams with more passing yards in a quarter than the Bears have in two games.

That puts a lot of pressure on the defense, who has to basically play a perfect game for them to have any chance at winning. They did just that in the Week 1 upset of the San Francisco 49ers, but they were not as fortunate in Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers.

Things are a work in progress in the Windy City as they are evaluating which players they should be building around long-term. One of those players could very well be cornerback Jaylon Johnson.

The 2020 second-round pick out of Utah has been a near every down player for the Bears thus far this season, playing all but one snap in two games. He is supremely confident in his skills, as he already believes that he is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL.

“I’m already one of the top corners,” Johnson told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I just haven’t had the stats to back that up in terms of interceptions. But if we’re talking about strictly limiting guys, covering guys, I don’t think there’s too many guys in this league that can cover better than me. It’s more so about the media, especially going into my third year and having an opportunity to restructure a contract. I feel like that plays a part, in that respect. But I know for a fact across the league that my name is respected. People know what I can do.”

LATEST NFL NEWS: Jaylon Johnson & Chicago Bears Updates

Johnson also added that coaches and other players have told him how good of a player he is also. The stats certainly back up what Johnson is saying as he has been excellent thus far this season.

According to PFF, Johnson has had 63 coverage snaps. He has allowed only one catch for nine yards and a 42.4 passer rating allowed.

Johnson is turning into a lockdown corner and is most certainly a player that the Bears should have in their long-term plans. Finding coverage corners is not easy and having one that gets the job done as well as Johnson does is even tougher.

LATEST NFL NEWS: Jaylon Johnson & Chicago Bears Updates

A franchise that is in the evaluation period when it comes to their roster, Johnson is certainly standing out as someone worth building the defense around.


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