Philadelphia Eagles: 3 X-Factors for the 2018 NFL Season

Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles will carry the title of NFL Champs into the 2018 NFL season but also, they are still trying to prove that their run was no fluke. In order for this to happen, the Eagles will need players to step up and play a larger role than they did last season.

Despite the Super Bowl rings, the Philadelphia Eagles feel their mission is still not complete. Their win over the New England Patriots has been labeled anywhere from “lucky” to “nine times out of ten the Pats will win.” While that may hold true to some, the Eagles are relishing on the fact that this was still a team hobbled with injuries in 2017. Imagine what they could do when healthy.

With the offseason acquisitions over, the Eagles will field basically the same team who won 13 games during the regular season. This is also a team that almost swept their division if not for the last game where they decided to rest their starters against the Dallas Cowboys. This is still the same club that will get back MVP candidate Carson Wentz, an offensive line that should be labeled the best in the NFL, and a defense hungry to prove a point.

Looking over the roster, you’re left thinking “how can they get any better?” Well, the truth is, they can. In order for that to happen, the production will have to come from a few places.

Who will be the X-Factors in 2018 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

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