5 offenses that improved the most using the NFL Draft

Jerry Jeudy, Broncos, NFL Draft
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is an ideal opportunity for teams to add young talent and this offseason, teams had to overcome unique circumstances to prepare for their selections. Despite that fact, the draft itself ended up going smoothly.

There was significant talk about potential trades occurring leading into the draft but almost none of it transpired. After the selection of Joe Burrow by the Cincinnati Bengals, it became clear the priorities for teams were to take dynamic defensive talents and offensive tackles.

This year’s class was known for the abundance of wide receiver talent throughout the early rounds, along with some potential sleepers. They didn’t start coming off the board until after the top 10 of the draft order but there were six overall first-round selections for receivers.

There were a variety of talented running back options but it wasn’t until the Kansas City Chiefs selected Clyde Edwards-Helaire at No. 32 that one was picked. It also wasn’t until the No. 43 pick by the Chicago Bears that a tight end came off the board, too.

Overall, there was plenty of improvement that took place for teams during the NFL Draft. Some teams chose to emphasize making additions to their offense with their selections it’s understandable since teams have to prepare to put up major results to contend.

With that being said, there are five offenses that improved the most during the 2020 NFL Draft.