Colts: 5 Reasons Indianapolis Will Make the Playoffs in 2018

The Indianapolis Colts are heading into the 2018 NFL season with plenty of doubters. But they’ve been in this situation before.

They were dubbed as one of the worst teams in the league heading into the 2012 season, quarterback Andrew Luck’s rookie campaign. If you don’t remember, they stunned quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in Week 5 on their way to the playoffs that year.

The same doubts surround the team this season. One reporter even made headlines in Indianapolis by predicting a two-win season for the 2018 Colts.

The teams that Luck has taken to the playoffs in previous seasons were significantly worse than the team he has this season, however.

It’s a new era in Indianapolis, as former head coach Chuck Pagano and general manager Ryan Grigson are long gone, and Luck is back to full health after undergoing shoulder surgery a year ago. The team is very inexperienced but has a wealth of potential.

The new system on offense will be much quicker, creatively, benefiting Luck and the rest of the squad. On defense, things are much more simple, allowing the team to use their speed and instincts to get to the ball and make plays.

There’s no Super Bowl on the forecast in Indianapolis. But the Colts are surely on their way to more than two wins; they’re on their way to the playoffs.

Here are five reasons why it will happen: 

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