NFL: 3 Under The Radar Quarterbacks To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Ryan Tannehill, Chargers
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill

The Tennessee Titans were a game away from the Super Bowl last season. While a huge portion of their success is tied to the running style of the NFL leading rusher, Derrick Henry, it was Ryan Tannehill who kept the ship steady.

In Week 7, he officially took over as the starter and that’s when the Titans began their climb in the AFC. Tannehill managed to pass for 2742 yards, 22 touchdowns, and six interceptions while completing 70 percent of his passes. He was rewarded with a huge deal this offseason and with that come expectations.

Tannehill is no stranger to leading a team as he did with the Miami Dolphins early in his career. But this is different. The Titans are expected to be contenders now and all eyes will be on their new leader. Can he do it again or will it be the same issues he had in Miami? One step forward, then two steps backward?