Oakland Raiders: Trade Scenarios for Amari Cooper and Karl Joseph

Kyle Terada - USA Today Sports

Jon Gruden’s return to the sidelines could not have gotten any worse than they have through six games of the season. It’s now at a point where Gruden’s patience is razor thin. So thin that he’s ready to trade wide receiver Amari Cooper and safety Karl Joseph.

The fire sale has begun, and with the Oakland Raiders now on their bye, we could see one if not both of these players on the move. We’ve already seen Gruden trade the best defensive player in the league one week before the season. Gruden trading away Cooper and Joseph would be nothing to him.

However, trading away Cooper and Joseph now, while demanding a first round pick in return is not good business. Both of these player’s values are extremely low right now, especially for Amari Cooper who is currently under concussion protocol. Teams around the league are sure to try finesse Gruden into lowering his demands, which is very likely. Giving up a second round pick for Amari would be the highest to consider. In Karl Joseph’s case, giving up no more than sixth rounder or fifth rounder for him should be the maximum.

Interest in Cooper will be received from a plethora of teams, but it’s hard to see any team have interest in Joseph. I can only see one scenario where a team trades for him. Before I get into Joseph’s one scenario, I’ll dive into the three situations that would be ideal for Amari Cooper to be in if traded. Let’s take a look at one of his three scenarios starting with the San Francisco 49ers.


  1. Unfrickenbelievable. So we are dissassembling the team because Gruden wants to be worshipped by his own minion players. Gruden is a complete disaster with little or no understanding of morale.

  2. The sad truth for us raider fans is the raiders just aren’t that good. Jettisoning players that have won an average of 4-6 wins a season is a good thing. Gruden has realized chasing mediocrity is for losers. The draft picks he brought have played well. I have accepected the rebuild, it sucks but 2 wins is no worse than 7. Only difference is 2 wins provides opportunity to draft better players. Press the reset, rebuild reload and get ready for Vegas. If raiders don’t start winning by season 4 I will be ready to fire gruden but dam son let the man have a chance to do his job.

  3. Gruden prefers veterans because they are not thin skinned millennials wussies, then he drafts guys that love football not talented athletes that only play the game for $$$$

  4. If you love football you find a way to be on field instead of the training room with “injuries”. Football is hard and painful, every player has injuries but only men play thru it while millionaire babies stay injured

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