Ranking the top 7 performances of Michael Vick’s NFL career

Over his noteworthy career, Michael Vick had dozens of must-watch games. Here are (arguably) the seven best games of his NFL career.

Michael Vick, Eagles, Falcons
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The statistics and metrics may never quite do his career justice, but during Michael Vick’s playing career, there was one list he was sure to rank among the top of the amount of fear instilled into opposing defensive coordinators. 

In between becoming a week-to-week SportsCenter guarantee and etching his name into pop culture and virtual lore as arguably the most dominant player in the Madden franchise’s history, Vick provided us with enough highlights and entertainment to survive a few quarantines.

But beneath his rushing reels and clips of his longest throws, he certainly had the down-to-down game to match. By his second go-round, he’d become a surgical enough pocket passer that some argued he should have become the league’s Most Valuable Player in his first full season in Philadelphia. 

There may never be a bust created for him in Canton, or even the worldwide affinity that he maybe deserves. But, in celebration of his impact, today, we will uncover the seven best games of his career, and what sets them apart from the other 143 games. Let’s take a look.