4 major takeaways from the Dolphins vs. Patriots matchup in Week 1

Tua Tagovailoa, NFL Draft, Dolphins
John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

It Needs to be “Tua Time” Soon

There is plenty of excitement surrounding any early selection in the NFL Draft. Having to wait to see that prospect take the field can be tough for fans. For the Dolphins, that’s the situation they face with Tua Tagovailoa right now.

Using a patient approach is fine to ensure a rookie is not facing too much pressure with little support. However, the only way a player can truly succeed in the NFL is by playing through potential mistakes.

Going with too conservative of an approach by leaving Ryan Fitzpatrick in the lineup will not result in many wins for the Dolphins. If the outcome likely would be a loss in certain matchups, it would be better to get the high-ceiling prospect experience in the process.

It’s important to not put Tagovailoa in harms way in respect to his long-term health. However, as soon as the Dolphins feel he’s comfortable to be inserted into the lineup, they need to make that change.