NFL Free Agency 2021: Predicting where each star RB will land

Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, Marlon Mack, Joe Mixon, Leonard Fournette, Phillip Lindsay, Todd Gurley
NFL Analysis Network

The 2021 NFL free agency class is a buffet of talent. While there are stars at every position, the running back class is the most exciting. There will be a reshuffling of running back talent throughout the NFL.

While many of these players still have their best years ahead of him, some teams may feel it’s time to move on. Some running backs may feel they have better opportunities elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, there will be a reshuffling of running back talent throughout the NFL.

While a lot of these backs will change teams, some fits are just too perfect to change. Many players will opt with the “if it ain’t broke” philosophy. However, these players who have that perfect fit may be asking for a big payday. The front offices may not be willing to budge. Regardless, the next offseason will be very entertaining.

A majority of teams in the NFL are moving towards the committee approach. It is what made teams like the 49ers, Ravens, Packers, and Saints so successful last season. It wouldn’t come to a surprise if a few backs in this free agency class decide to sign with teams who already have at least once strong starting back.

The 2021 running back free-agent class has Pro-Bowlers, All-Pro’s, former first-round picks, and some of the most consistent backs in the NFL. There will be a ton of surprises, and of course, none of these kinds of things is certain.

With that being said, here is my prediction for where each star running back will land after NFL free agency in 2021.